8.0 Beta Testing

As some of you know, I have been working hard on version 8.0 of Weight Tracker and I’m looking for some of you to kindly help me beta test

Huge re-write

With over 150 files modified, I have drastically focused on refactoring older code, improving caching and optimising database queries. I’m hoping you will all notice an improvement in speed and reduced server resources.

New Features

  • Measurements have been removed and migrated into custom fields.
  • Numeric custom fields are now plottable on charts.
  • Custom fields and targets can be displayed on bar charts.

Improvements and bug fixes

For everything in this release, please visit the GitHub Pull Request.

Start testing

Again, thank your for testing version 8.0. I have no test plans or suggestions in what to test. I want you to test it in the way you currently use it. Does everything still work? Do the new features work for you? Have you found any new bugs? etc.

Warning: Please only test the Beta on a development site. Although no existing, underlying data will be lost, data in version 8.0 onwards is now stored differently. Therefore, if you ned to revert to the previous version, you may lose data recorded during testing.
Warning: Please don’t test 8.0 if you have a custom Weight Tracker add-on. Contact me instead.

Download and Install

You can download 8.0 Beta (v3) here:


Once downloaded, upload and activate as you would with a normal plugin.

Feedback / Issues

Please, I would love to hear both negative and positive feedback as well details about any bugs you find! So don’t hesitate to email me:


7.0.8 Released

  • Improvement: Added screens to view user’s for a given group (also able to remove).
  • Improvement: Added a setting enable user’s to edit their group.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Latest 100 / 500 entries on user data summary to fetch latest entries instead of oldest.

7.0.7 Released

  • Improvement: On user summary page, changed “Show All Entries” to “Show 500 most recent”. On large sites, fetching all data was causing performance issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with selected=”selected” randomly appearing.
  • Bug fix: Removed duplicate chart opacity setting.

7.0.6 Released

  • Improvement: Added shortcode for user’s previous weight [wlt-weight-previous]
  • Improvement: Issue 179. Optimised deletion of redundant stats entries.
  • Improvement: Issue 195. Increased award title length to 200 characters.
  • Improvement: Issue 188. Display an admin warning if the Weight Tracker license expires within 14 days!
  • Improvement: Issue 177. Updated Chart.js library.

7.0.4 Released

  • Improvement: Added Dutch Formal (copied from Dutch).
  • Improvement: Increased granularity of height values.
  • Improvement: Updated plugin title and description. Removed references to “loss” from “Weight Loss Tracker”.
  • Improvement: When a target is cleared, redirect back to current page so UI refreshes.

7.0 Released

  • New Feature: Pro Plus: Awards and Badges! Set awards for: BMI Change, BMI Equals, Weight Gain / Loss from start and Percentage of weight lost from start. Read more.
  • New Feature: Pro: Added Groups. You can now group your members. Read more.
  • New Feature: Pro: Birthday Emails. If enabled, automatically send a birthday email to applicable users.
  • Improvement: Ability to clear log with “Clear log” button.
  • Improvement: Caching can now be disabled in Settings.
  • Improvement: Cache now cleared with each release (based upon version number).
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue during conversions when a non numeric value was passed.
  • Improvement: Optimised [wlt-new-users] to reduce size of data returned by query.
  • Improvement: General PHP code tweaks to improve performance and maintainability ( based on PHPStorms recommendations).
  • Bug fix: Class name not being correctly added to forms.

6.1 Released: Photo Custom Fields

  • New Feature: Added a new Custom Field type of “Photos” (Pro only). This will allow site administrators to add one or more photo field per entry form.
  • New Feature: Build in tool to migrate photos from old system to new.
  • Improvement: Removed old photo upload and migrated to to new meta fields.
  • Improvement: Added custom field data to email notifications.
  • Improvement: Added additional logic to remove photos from media library when no longer used by Weight Tracker (e.g. user has deleted them)
  • Improvement: Various minor tweaks to meta fields and validation.
  • Improvement: Changed email format to HTML.
  • Bug fix: Class name not being correctly added to forms.