Our new Weight Tracking site!

Recently I decided to build my own website for people to track their weight for free! Having a Weight Loss Tracker plugin of my own, it made sense to build a website using it! Besides providing people with a service, it will allow me to develop and test my site in different ways. I’ll now be able to use my plugin as an end user and have access to a larger range of data to test with – that can only be good news for the progression of the plugin!

So please,

Visit Track Your Weight


5.1.3 Released

  • New Feature (Pro): Shortcode to add some simple conditional logic around WLT fields [wlt-if] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue with is_admin flag logic causing “Can’t use function return value in write context” on some installs.
  • Bug fix: If a user had no height, the “Add Entry” form would fail to save the user’s weight / measurement entry.
  • Bug fix: If the user has no weight entries, then don’t attempt to calculate BMI!

5.1.1 Released

  • New feature: Added new setting “‘About You’ fields mandatory?”. When set to Yes, user’s will be forced to select a value for all About You fields.
  • Improvement: Added ‘allow-delete-data’ attribute to shortcodes [wlt] and [wlt-user-settings]. If set to false (default is true), the section allowing users to delete their own data is hidden. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Bug fix: Date issues when saving DOB in front end if saving in US format.
  • Bug fix: Hide [wlt-user-settings] form if the user is not logged in.
  • Bug fix: The height field can be viewed and save regardless of BMI being enabled.
  • Bug fix: If “Allow user settings” is set to “No” in settings then disable [wlt-user-settings].
  • Bug fix: When entering weights in Stones and Pounds, a user can no longer enter 14lbs. Instead, they need to up the stone measurement.
  • Bug fix: When displaying a Stone / Pounds weight, if the pounds figure is 14lb, set it to 0 and increment Stones by one.
  • Bug fix: When viewing a user’s data card, the “Height” link now clicks through to their preferences page.
  • Updated core language PO and MO files (to reflect 5.1+ changes)

5.1 Released

5.1 has now been released with some interesting developments:

  • A new Pro Plus license!
  • New feature: New Pro Plus license with more extended features.
  • New feature: New Pro Plus license with more extended features.
  • New Feature (Pro Plus): Shortcode to display a user’s BMR [wlt-bmr] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature (Pro Plus): Shortcode to display a user’s recommended calorie intake in tabular form [wlt-calories-table] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature (Pro Plus): Shortcode to display a specific calorie intake figure for a user [wlt-calories] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature (Pro Plus): Shortcode to display a user’s recommended macronutrient intake in tabular form [wlt-macronutrients-table] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature (Pro Plus): Shortcode to display a specific macronutrient intake figure for a user [wlt-macronutrients] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: New licensing core to support new yearly subscriptions and communicate stats to Yeken.uk
  • New feature: Shortcode to display the user’s height [wlt-height] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Shortcode to display the user’s gender [wlt-gender] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Shortcode to display the user’s Date of Birth [wlt-dob] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Shortcode to display the user’s activity level [wlt-activity-level] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Shortcode to display the number of newly registered users in last x days [wlt-new-users] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Various tweaks to the underlying code to support future versions.
  • Improvement: Back button added when viewing user records.
  • Improvement: Icons added to buttons when managing user data.
  • Improvement: Show user side bar when managing user data in more relevant places.
  • Bug Fix: Edit Settings was loading DoB for the wrong user.

Why the licensing model has changed

As of 5.1, I have decided to change the way the Weight Loss Tracker plugin is licensed. Currently licensing is a one-off fee of £30 and this gives you access to all of Pro features indefinitely.

Moving to a yearly license

However, to support development of new features and ongoing maintenance I’ve decided to change the license to be yearly. I feel this is fair as I actively improve the plugin and people receive more for their money each year.

Licenses bought pre 5.1 (Sept 2017)

Of course, if you bought your Pro license pre 5.1, I will honour the one-off fee and indefinite usage. Of course, I’d give you a big hug if you changed to a yearly license.

New Pro Plus tier

Another addition to 5.1 is the new Pro Pro license. This includes all the features of Pro, however contains more advanced features that are aimed and professionals (e.g. BMR, Calorie intake, etc).


4.2.7 has been released

  • Improvement: New shortcode for user settings [wlt-user-settings] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Improvement: New option added to [wlt-chart] “ignore-login-status”. If set to true, will display the chart’s data in the event the user is not logged in (should be used alongside user-id attribute) – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Improvement: Added “Redirect URL” to Form Widget.
  • Improvement: Optimised speed of user preference lookup (if non specified). Previously if the user hadn’t specified any user preferences the DB would have be queried for every key lookup. This was due to an empty array not being cached. Rules have changed to store an empty array to save querying DB for each user preference.
  • Improvement: Standardised Hook / Filter names (possible breaking change if you use these). Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/hooks-and-filters/
  • Improvement: Added “Neck” measurements.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with cache keys for pounds and Kgs conflicting and replacing each other when querying extremes.
  • Bug fix: Ensure both cron jobs are removed on plugin deactivation.

Survey results for new admin area – Version 5.0

Recently I mailed plugin users asking for their opinion on improving the admin side of the plugin;  In particular, I wanted them to focus on methods / interfaces for accessing their members data in meaningful ways and allow their coaches to aid their members better.

Firstly, thank you all for your replies – they have been great. Besides showing me I’m thinking in the right direction, they have given me some great ideas.

Draft 5.0 Release

I’ve decided that the new admin area will be version 5.0 as it will hopefully bring a large improvement to the plugin. From your feedback, it will have (at least) the following features:

  • An admin summary page with the following features:
    • Stats around the number of members that have added weight entries.
    • Stats around who has lost the most weight over a filterable time scale.
    • A search bar that allows administrators to search for a given member.
  • Each member will have a “record card” which allows administrators to quickly see the following:
    • Quick summary data: Start weight / date, recent weight / date, target weight, height, current BMI, etc.
    • All of their entries in tabular format (with the 10 most recent displayed first).
    • A graph showing their entries (to replicate what the user would see in the front end).
  • Ability to add, edit and delete all user entries.
  • Improved data tables.
    • View all columns at once without the need to expand rows.
    • Toggle on and off columns that are not of interest.
    • Sort by all columns.
    • Visual indicator to show whether the user gained or lost weight between entries.
  • Ability to print charts (this requires further research to see if possible)
  • Increase granularity of entries. Some users are interested in knowing¬†additional data about a person’s entry. So I’ll look into adding extra information like timestamps, IP addresses, user agents, etc.
  • Export data in CSV / JSON formats.


Currently I’m on track with my aims, however before really starting on 5.0 I want to work a little more on 4.2. I have some small enhancements logged that would be quick wins to add.

So hopefully I will do some wire frames over the next few weeks and then take it from there.

So guess we maybe around June / July – hopefully earlier.

4.2 Release coming soon

Hi folks,

Just to let you know, 4.2 release is progressing well and now going into the testing stage. You can track it’s progress on our GitHub page:


A preview of 4.2’s release notes:

  • New feature: Message shortcode to motivate people when they gain weight x number of times or congratulate if they lose weight x number of times. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Reminder shortcode to display reminder messages for users to add a target weight or weight / measurement entry for the day. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature: Progress bar towards target [weight-loss-tracker-progress-bar] – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New Feature: Added widget for progress bar shortcode above. – Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/widgets/
  • New feature: Email notifications for update of user’s target or adding / editing a weight entry: https://weight.yeken.uk/email-notifications/
  • New feature: New attribute “redirect-url” added for the shortcode [ws_ls_shortcode_form]. If specified and once the data has been saved, the user will be redirected to the given URL. Please note, the URL has to be one for the current site, otherwise the redirect will not happen (URL is passed through wp_safe_redirect()). Read more https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • New feature / improvements: Additional hooks and filters added. Read more:
  • Improvement: Added the following to [weight-loss-tracker] shortcode: ‘hide-first-target-form’, ‘hide-second-target-form’ and ‘show-add-button’. Read more: https://weight.yeken.uk/shortcodes/
  • Improvement: Every license activation is now sent to YeKen.
  • Improvement: Stats now sent weekly (instead of monthly) using a WP cron job. If “Send usage data to YeKen” is enabled, usage stats will be sent on weekly basis to YeKen by a scheduled WP cron job (instead of relying on an expired cached value to trigger the send).
  • Improvement: Upgraded Chart.js to 2.5.0.
  • Bug fix: Setting “min-chart-points” attribute to 0 will now display the chart if no weight data has been entered.
  • Bug fix: Issue generating stats for a user when a target weight is entered but no user weights exist (division by zero).
  • Bug fix: Stats are instantly tidied up / re-generated if all user data is delete or an individual user deletes their data.
  • Bug fix: If no target weight has been set, the shortcode will now inform the user when the shortcode [ws_ls_weight_difference_target] is rendered.
  • Bug fix: Weight loss comparison figures shown properly when in stone / pounds.
  • Bug fix: When using [weight-loss-tracker-total-lost], Kg values are now rounded to two decimal places.