7.0.8 Released

  • Improvement: Added screens to view user’s for a given group (also able to remove).
  • Improvement: Added a setting enable user’s to edit their group.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Latest 100 / 500 entries on user data summary to fetch latest entries instead of oldest.

7.0.7 Released

  • Improvement: On user summary page, changed “Show All Entries” to “Show 500 most recent”. On large sites, fetching all data was causing performance issues.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with selected=”selected” randomly appearing.
  • Bug fix: Removed duplicate chart opacity setting.

7.0.6 Released

  • Improvement: Added shortcode for user’s previous weight [wlt-weight-previous]
  • Improvement: Issue 179. Optimised deletion of redundant stats entries.
  • Improvement: Issue 195. Increased award title length to 200 characters.
  • Improvement: Issue 188. Display an admin warning if the Weight Tracker license expires within 14 days!
  • Improvement: Issue 177. Updated Chart.js library.

7.0.4 Released

  • Improvement: Added Dutch Formal (copied from Dutch).
  • Improvement: Increased granularity of height values.
  • Improvement: Updated plugin title and description. Removed references to “loss” from “Weight Loss Tracker”.
  • Improvement: When a target is cleared, redirect back to current page so UI refreshes.

7.0 Released

  • New Feature: Pro Plus: Awards and Badges! Set awards for: BMI Change, BMI Equals, Weight Gain / Loss from start and Percentage of weight lost from start. Read more.
  • New Feature: Pro: Added Groups. You can now group your members. Read more.
  • New Feature: Pro: Birthday Emails. If enabled, automatically send a birthday email to applicable users.
  • Improvement: Ability to clear log with “Clear log” button.
  • Improvement: Caching can now be disabled in Settings.
  • Improvement: Cache now cleared with each release (based upon version number).
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue during conversions when a non numeric value was passed.
  • Improvement: Optimised [wlt-new-users] to reduce size of data returned by query.
  • Improvement: General PHP code tweaks to improve performance and maintainability ( based on PHPStorms recommendations).
  • Bug fix: Class name not being correctly added to forms.

6.1 Released: Photo Custom Fields

  • New Feature: Added a new Custom Field type of “Photos” (Pro only). This will allow site administrators to add one or more photo field per entry form.
  • New Feature: Build in tool to migrate photos from old system to new.
  • Improvement: Removed old photo upload and migrated to to new meta fields.
  • Improvement: Added custom field data to email notifications.
  • Improvement: Added additional logic to remove photos from media library when no longer used by Weight Tracker (e.g. user has deleted them)
  • Improvement: Various minor tweaks to meta fields and validation.
  • Improvement: Changed email format to HTML.
  • Bug fix: Class name not being correctly added to forms.

6.0 Released

  • New Feature: Added Custom Fields. Allow admin specified questions to be asked on weight entry forms.
  • New Feature: Added Russian translations.
  • Improvement: Updated Finnish translations.
  • Improvement: Added error logging functionality.
  • Improvement: Refactored Pro / Pro Plus features file include logic.
  • Improvement: Upgraded Chart.js to 2.7.2
  • Bug Fix: Fixed PHP errors causing the log entry “PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable”