Road Map

Below gives you an idea of future releases and their features:

6.0 September 2018

  • Custom Fields! This will allow administrators to ask their user’s custom questions when they are completing weight entries e.g.
    • “Did you stick to your diet?”
    • “How many cups of water did you drink?”
    • “How many miles did you run?”
    • “What did you think of this week?”

    So far, you will be able to use the following field types to ask questions (with more to follow!):

    • Text Field
    • Number Field
    • Yes / No


Add Photo as a Field Type for Custom Fields.


Increase notifications. To be further defined, but support notifications for achieving target weights etc.


To be defined.


Food Tracker. The ability to track food eaten during the day with calorie amounts. [To be expanded and defined further]