The following shortcode is only available in the Pro version of the plugin.

This shortcode can be used to display a progress bar indicating the current user’s progress towards their target weight. Below is an example of the rendered shortcode:

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
type The type of chart. Currently there is only one properly supported "line". "line" (default) and "circle" (beta - not supported) [wt-progress-bar type='line']
display-errors By default, useful error messages are displayed to the user if the progress bar is not displayed. For example, the user may be prompted to enter a target weight or add a weight entry. True (default) or false. [wt-progress-bar display-errors='false']
stroke-width The thickness of the progress line. Numeric value. Default is 3. [wt-progress-bar stroke-width='10']
stroke-colour Colour of the progress line. Hex value. Default is #FFEA82. [wt-progress-bar stroke-colour='#000000']
trail-width The thickness of the progress line trail Numeric value. Default is 1. [wt-progress-bar trail-width='1']
trail-colour Colour of the progress trail line. Hex value. Default is #eee. [wt-progress-bar trail-colour='#000000']
text-colour Colour of the text displayed under the progress bar. Hex value. Default is #000. [wt-progress-bar text-colour='#CCCCCC']
animation-duration How many milliseconds it takes to animate the progress bar. Numeric value. Default is 1400. [wt-progress-bar animation-duration=100]
width The width of the progress bar. % or px. Default "100%". [wt-progress-bar width='50%']
height The height of the progress bar. % or px. Default "100%". [wt-progress-bar height='50px']
percentage-text Text displayed underneath the progress bar. {t} Can be used to display target weight. String. Default "towards your target of {t}." [wt-progress-bar percentage-text='near your target weight of {t}']
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