The following shortcode is available in both the free and Pro version of the plugin. However, the non-pro version is a simple HTML table with limited functionality.

This shortcode displays the weight and measurement data for a given userĀ (by default it will display data for the current logged in user) in a tabular format. Below is an example of how the rendered shortcode looks (Pro version).

Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
enable-add-edit If set to True (default is false) show the delete and edit icons that allow a user to edit their data. True or False (default) [wlt-table enable-add-edit=true]
enable-meta-fields (7.7+) If set to True (default is false), meta fields shall be included in each row. True or False (default) [wlt-table enable-meta-fields=true]
user-id The WordPress user id to display data for. IF not specified, it will default to the current user. A numeric value. [wlt-table user-id='22']
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