Weight units, Date formats and Languages

Both the Core and Pro versions of the Weight Loss Tracker support the following formats. These settings can be changed by in the settings page or if Pro, the user preference tab.

Weight units

The plugin currently supports:

  • Imperial: Stones and Pounds (displayed on graphs however as just pounds)
  • Imperial: Pounds only
  • Metric: Kg

Measurement units

The plugin currently supports:

  • Imperial: Inches
  • Metric: Cm

Date formats

The plugin currently supports:



Translations are provided by our users. We have no way of verifying them, so please, double check them! I try to keep translations up to date, however, as the plugin develops English phrases are often added or tweaked. Therefore, translations are often slightly behind. So please, email me if you need some added / amended!

Fully supported (have all translations):

  • English (UK)

Languages partially supported (have some of the translations):

  • Slovakian (thanks @ Richard) – 5.2.26+
  • Arabic (thanks @Firas) – 5.2.17+
  • Portugese (thanks @Thomas)
  • Italian (thanks @Salvo)
  • Norwegian – Norsk bokmÃ¥l (Thanks Rodrigo)
  • Danish (thanks @kfasterholdt and @spaniole)
  • Dutch (thanks Dennis, Yvon & Bart)
  • Finish (thanks Ari)
  • French (thanks @alexiarna)
  • German (thanks Michael @ Activate the Beast)
  • Hungarian (thanks Noam)
  • Portuguese-Brazil (thanks Team Jota)
  • Romanian (thanks @alexiarna)
  • Spanish (thanks @idelfonsog2)

Require an additional language?

If you can provide the relevant translations, the please read the following guide:

How to provide translations for the Weight Loss Tracker plugin.