An easy to use WordPress Plugin that allows a user to keep track of their weight history in both tabular and chart format (Chart.js). The plugin is available in a Free and Pro version. This Wiki will help outline the features of the plugin and how to use it successfully.

Core features (for free and pro versions):

License type 1: Pro features (£50 a year)

Besides the features listed under core, the Pro version benefits from the following:

  • Custom Fields. Create and add your own questions to weight entry forms to gather additional information. These may be questions around measurements, cups of water consumed, etc. Read more about custom fields.
  • Photo Custom Fields. Add one or more photo fields to your weight entry forms and allow your users to upload photos of their progress. Photos can be viewed, updated and removed by the end user and administrators. Handy shortcodes are provided for displaying galleries, most recent and oldest photo. Read more about custom fields.
  • Webhooks, Zapier & Slack. Push weight entry data and targets to Slack channels, Zapier or your own custom Webhooks. Read more about Webhooks, Zapier & Slack.
  • Groups. Define user groups and assign your user's to them. View Weight Difference statistics for the group as a whole. Read more about groups.
  • BMI. A user can specify their height allowing their BMI to be displayed alongside their weight entry. Read more about BMI.
  • Email Notifications. Receive email notifications when a person updates their target or adds / edits a weight. Read more about email notifications.
  • Birthday Emails. Automatically send your user's a birthday email (when they have entered a date of birth).
  • Widgets. Widgets that allow you to display the graphs, quick weight entry forms and progress bars within any widget area. Read more about widgets.
  • Chart and form shortcodes. That allow you to display the graph and quick weight entry form by placing a shortcode on any post or page.
  • Progress Bar shortcode. A shortcode that visually displays the logged in user's progress towards their target. Read more.
  • Reminder shortcode. A shortcode that can be used to remind the user to enter their target or weight for today. Read more.
  • Message shortcode. A shortcode that allows you to congratulate a user when they lose weight x number of times. It also provides the opposite allowing you to provide encouragement when someone gains weight. Read more.
  • Text shortcodes. Additional shortcodes for earliest and most recent dates entered. Read more.
  • Admin: View / Delete user data. Admin will be able to view and delete existing user data.
  • User preferences. If enabled, the user will be able to select which unit they wish to store their weight - Metric or Imperial. They will also be able to specify date format and clear all their weight data.
  • Bar Charts. Fancy something different to a line chart? The plugin will also support Bar Charts.
  • Delete existing entry. A logged in user will be able to delete or edit an existing weight entry.
  • Better Tables. Data tables in front end and admin will support paging and sorting.
  • Admin: Extra Settings. Extra settings to customise the plugin will be added, e.g. number of plot points on graph, rows per page, etc. Read more.

License type 2: Pro Plus features (£100 a year)

Besides the features listed under Pro, the Pro Plus version benefits from the following:

  • Awards. Set awards for: BMI Change, BMI Equals, Weight Gain / Loss from start and Percentage of weight lost from start. Read more about awards.
  • Challenges.Set challenges for your user's within a given time period? Display Total Weight Lost, BMI Change, %Body Weight, Weight Tracker Streaks and Meal Tracker streaks achieved by each user in a league table. Read more.
  • All of the features that come with a standard Pro license.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculations per user. Shortcodes and extended admin screens to display a user's BMR. For further information on BMR and how it is calculated visit our calculations page.
  • Harris Benedict formula. Shortcodes and extended admin screens to a view a person's calorie intake required to maintain and lose weight. For further information on Harris Benedict Formula and how it is calculated visit our calculations page.
  • Recommended calorie intake per meal time. Shortcodes and extended admin screens to recommend how a person should split their daily calorie intake across meals. For further information on how this is calculated please visit our calculations page.
  • Macronutrients Calculator. Shortcodes and extended admin screens to recommend how their calorie consumption should be split into fats, carbohydrates and proteins. For further information on the Macronutrients Calculator and how these calculations are performed please visit our calculations page.
  • Additional user preference fields. Additional user preference fields and shortcodes to display them: Activity Level, Date of Birth and Gender.