The following shortcode is available in Pro version of the plugin.

This shortcode allows you to display target and weight entry forms where you wish.

Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
user-id The ID of the user that data should be saved against. If not specified defaults to the current logged in user. A numeric value. [wt-form user-id='2']
target If set to true, specifies that the form is for recording target weight. True or false (default). [wt-form target='true' ]
class Allows you to specify an additional CSS class on the element. String value. [wt-form class='additional-css-class']
redirect-url If specified, a URL that the user should be redirected to after completing the form. A URL within the current domain. [wt-form redirect-url='']
hide-titles If set to true, the title (e.g. Target Weight) above the form will be hidden. True or false (default) [wt-form hide-titles='true']
hide-custom-fields If set to true, the measurements part of the form will be hidden. True or false (default) [wt-form hide-custom-fields='true']

Example weight entry form:

Example target form:

If you have the Pro version of the plugin, then you will have the option to display measurements to.

The following example is with measurements enabled:


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