The following shortcode is available in Pro version of the plugin.

This shortcode allows you to a target form where you wish.

Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
user-id The ID of the user that data should be saved against. If not specified defaults to the current logged in user. A numeric value. [wt-form-target user-id='2']
class Allows you to specify an additional CSS class on the element. String value. [wt-form-target class='additional-css-class']
redirect-url If specified, a URL that the user should be redirected to after completing the form. A URL within the current domain. [wt-form-target redirect-url='']
hide-titles If set to true, the title (e.g. Target Weight) above the form will be hidden. True or false (default) [wt-form-target hide-titles='true']

Example target form:

If you have the Pro version of the plugin, then you will have the option to display measurements to.

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