Beta 6 Testing

… to start, thank you!

What a response! I sent out an email last night and I’ve had a great response from people offering to test the Beta of version 6 of the Weight Tracker plugin. Thank you!

What is in Version 6?

Besides several tweaks to the back end, updated languages (including Russian being added) and various bug fixes…. Custom Fields! Custom Fields will allow you to define custom questions to ask your members when completing weight entries, for example;

  • “Did you stick to your diet?”
  • “How many cups of water did you drink?”
  • “How many miles did you run?”
  • “What did you think of this week?”

This data is then exposed in the Weight Tracker > Manage User Data when viewing user’s entries.┬áSo far, you will be able to use the following field types to ask questions:

  • Text Field
  • Number Field
  • Yes / No

In subsequent releases I intend to expand this to include additional field types like date pickers, check boxes, drop down lists etc.

Gimme Gimme Gimme….

You can download the beta version using the button below. Before installing, ensure any other version of the plugin has been removed and then upload the zip file via the Plugins admin screen.

I’m confident this is ready to go, but usual disclaimer, please backup your site / data and ideally run on a development copy of your site.
Download: Weight Tracker – Beta 6

Issues? Questions? Feedback?

If you have any issues or questions then please email me. I’m also looking at suggestions on how to expose the Custom Fields data… do we need shortcodes? etc?



5.1.1 Released

  • New feature: Added new setting “‘About You’ fields mandatory?”. When set to Yes, user’s will be forced to select a value for all About You fields.
  • Improvement: Added ‘allow-delete-data’ attribute to shortcodes [wlt] and [wlt-user-settings]. If set to false (default is true), the section allowing users to delete their own data is hidden. – Read more:
  • Bug fix: Date issues when saving DOB in front end if saving in US format.
  • Bug fix: Hide [wlt-user-settings] form if the user is not logged in.
  • Bug fix: The height field can be viewed and save regardless of BMI being enabled.
  • Bug fix: If “Allow user settings” is set to “No” in settings then disable [wlt-user-settings].
  • Bug fix: When entering weights in Stones and Pounds, a user can no longer enter 14lbs. Instead, they need to up the stone measurement.
  • Bug fix: When displaying a Stone / Pounds weight, if the pounds figure is 14lb, set it to 0 and increment Stones by one.
  • Bug fix: When viewing a user’s data card, the “Height” link now clicks through to their preferences page.
  • Updated core language PO and MO files (to reflect 5.1+ changes)